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The Prayer Jar

Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness!
    You have given me relief when I was in distress.
    Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!
                                                     ~Psalm 4:1


My children are too old for Easter baskets this year but a prayer jar will last forever!

Every week a new prayer is written and placed in this jar.  As troubles arise in each of their lives and verses are discovered they are placed in this jar and prayed over constantly. 

The girls’ jars are complete and finishing my son’s in the morning.

At the end of the year, they will get their jars to read through and it will be their gift to cherish. 


Have a Happy Easter and remember the best way to be the best mom possible is to pray for yourself, your spouse/significant other, and your children. 

God Bless!

A very blessed woman in TX

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War Room, Prayer and Blessings

I have not told enough people about this movie-War Room.  Hands down one of the best life-changing movies out there.  God really spoke to me while watching this.  So much so, I got out my bible, highlighted verses I saw  during the movie.  And Ms. Clara is my favorite in the movie.  I want a Ms. Clara in my life and I want to be a Ms. Clara in someone’s life.

I don’t know about those of you who saw the movie but I personally love the scene where she walks through the house and kicks Satan out of her home and life.  That was the life changing moment for me.  My husband does this every morning before we ever get out of bed “I pray the blood of Jesus over my home and my family.  Satan you have no place in our lives or the lives of our children, family members and loved ones.  You need to flee”.   I use to giggle when he did it but I realize now as I look back on my journal that it made a difference.  There were  days when we barely spoke to each other much less pray together and as noted in my journal those were the hardest.  Lee had not banned Satan from our home and our lives like he had done in the past.  Prayer works and God gave us the authority to remove Satan from our lives. This was one of my biggest faithbuilders……..

Lee and I are barely married six months and the struggle was real for us!  I was on the brink of divorce in our first 90 days of marriage because I was too focused on what my husband wasn’t doing, my lack of a prayer life and my ideology of what marriage should be that I overlooked all he was doing.  God shook me up and woke me up.  It took totaling a car and almost going over a bridge to scare me straight but sometimes God has to do that.

Shortly after seeing this movie War Room, I took a trip to Lifeway.  I didn’t know what I needed but I knew I needed something then I came across Fervent and The Battle Plan for Prayer.  I read them daily!  Whether deep in your walk with the LORD or trying to figure out this prayer thing, both books are much needed additions to your library.

I still do not have my “war room” setup but I do know my prayer life is HOT!  I have found my self saying “God, help me” “LORD, guide me” and just in constant communication with the LORD more often everyday.  I am in the beginning phases of getting my Momspace/War Room recreated in our new home.  I have created a few things to go in there like this cross made from the left over brooches from our wedding:


It’s the focal piece in my quiet space that is just for me.

And I also made this one thinking I would use it in my new space but it ended up in the bathroom as a decoration on a bare wall in there.  I have a different way I want to go with my focal point wall 🙂


However until it all comes together, I have my journal and I have my appointment with the LORD everyday.  I know my marriage is much stronger, my children are happier and good things are happening all around us because of my prayer life.  For that, I am truly blessed!

God bless and have a good night!


A Very Blessed Woman in TX

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Life Changes-Wedding Update and other stuff

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” Luke 1:45

Wedding update:

We are down to the last 48 days.  WHEW!  The big stuff is complete, now it is just the little stuff.   And there is a lot of little stuff!!! Decorations, seating charts-if any, rsvp management, follow up with caterers, photographers, honeymoon planning, ceremony planning.  I should be stressed but I’m not!  I find great peace in crafting and creating.  This is my favorite part of it all.  Planning this wedding has been one of my greatest joys.  We have been together before however this time is different.  This time I have the husband God intended for me.

Now that I have Lee here with us 24/7 life is so much easier.  I can get things done quickly and easily with his help.  We make a great team.  As he gets his private counseling practice up and going, I can work and not worry about the home and kids.  He is having to be Mr. Mom as I do my job until 8 or 9 pm 2-3 days per week or travel at the last minute anywhere between Austin and DFW.  And he is very supportive in doing so.   He makes sure my car has gas, the tires are good, and the oil level is what is supposed to be.  This is why I love this man.  This is why I’m ready to marry him and be his wife.

Together we will build a ministry that God has intended us to lead.  Lee has some great fellowship meetings this week here in Temple and I have been invited to an exclusive Women’s Ministry group with a group of about 8 women from DFW to Austin.  This can only help us grow even more rapidly!

I think we have found our church home at Vista Community Church.  They have embraced Lee’s counseling services and willing to work with him on growing this ministry. God’s favor is with us as we search for a house, grow Lee’s ministry/counseling practice and get Marissa transitioned to adulthood.

As always, life has been a blessing here in the Medina-Hutcheson household.  It’s crazy busy as we clean up for our wedding but it’s a good busy and not a stress filled mess 🙂

God is good all the time; all the time God is good!

Have a blessed night!

Myra 🙂

AKA a very blessed woman

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God’s Timing~He knows what you need and when you need it!

But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. ~John 14:26

Yesterday, I had a client walk into my office and what started as a regular insurance sales pitchy meeting ended this 70 year old woman sharing her faith, her church and her prayers with me.  It turned my day around quick!  She prayed the verse listed above over me and my family.  I will never forget her, this verse or that day.  We will be visiting her church soon!  But with all we have going on right now she just reminded me that all we have, all we are going through, and all we are promised is because of God’s will.  His will be done!

Lee graduates in 11 days and Marissa graduates in another Month.  We get married in 88 days.  WOW!  In a short time frame, I will be the mom of two adult young women, a highschool young man and a pastor’s wife.  Life has come full circle for all of us and God’s promises and timing are becoming abundantly clear to me.

In the past month, Marissa received the bad news that she did not get into her #1 program.  But she has taken it like a champ.  She has realized where she needs to strengthen herself and she is working on it daily.  We realize this was not where God intended her to be for now.  She can reapply for the program in October.  And today it hits me that if she gets into this program next year, she will be the first student in a wheel chair to successfully get into this program.  So for now, we are working on independence and strengthening her weaknesses.

We have begun our search for a new home.  UGH!  That’s all I can say.  Just UGH!  I spent all day Saturday looking at house after house and you would think it was me who was picky but it’s not–Lee is the picky one.  We want our son in a specific school district and that is limiting our search.  I know once we find the right home that God wants us to have it will be okay but for now the search is on!!!

Our wedding is coming together beautifully.  We are peeking into the $3K realm but haven’t quite crossed over yet.  For now, we have $175 on invites that would have cost me $500.  I have 2 cakes for $350 and everywhere else was looking at $1500+.  I also found an awesome photographer that will provide 2 photographers for $500 for about 4-5 hours of coverage.  The starting prices in my area are $900 and up for 1 photographer and I have 2!!!  And I’m still under $500 on my decorations.  All of this tells me God has his hand on our marriage.  Praise, God!  Praise, God!  Praise, God!

I am now working on the decorations and have some fabulous ideas that haven’t come together yet.  For now, here is where I’m at with decorations.

wpid-20150426_125501.jpgI found 6 of these candelabras on Craigslist for under $100.  My theme originally started as Country Chic but it is quickly turning into Vintage Country Chic-that is more me anyway 🙂  This probably isn’t the direction I will go with these.  I found some teacups and flowers I think I will use in conjunction with these.  They come apart and I can use two to hang from our trees in the backyard and the bases as pillars for table decorations.  I see it in my head but I’ll post pics when these things come together 🙂


I of course have spray painted mason jars but I have also learned to use twine on my old wine bottles.  (No I’m not an alcoholic I drank these wines on special occasions with some of my favorite people over the last 6 years).  I am proud to say I only have 8 bottles.  I’m having to reach out to people to find empty wine bottles, if you know me and you can give to the cause, please call me!

wpid-20150426_141114.jpg  And I also have some old syrup bottles and other bottles I liked over the years I am using.  The great thing about these is the cost.  $2 for the jute twine (covers 3-4 bottles), $3 for the lace (used on all the bottles), $.92 cents for each brooch, and around $2 for the flowers that will fill them.

I’m having a craft party this Saturday at my house with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  Lee is stuck in Dallas with some graduation things to tie up and it’s just me and the kids this weekend.  So it’s a girl’s weekend for me!

God has blessed me with a lot this year.  I have a man that spoils me with love, affection and some material things I want but mostly his love for me and our children amazes me everyday.  I never have to worrry about cooking, cleaning or laundry.  He’s the man!!!  I also have a fabulous job that allows me time at home now.  I missed one baseball game this year and it is the first one in 13 years.  I believe I’m doing great! And finally my biggest accomplishment is being able to lead 5 female insurance agents and teach them Christian leadership skills.  Whoot! Whoot!  wpid-20150424_205709.jpeg

Now I have to really brag on my man for a minute.  For  a man who has no job, he sure does spoil me.  For my birthday, I got Neiman’s.  For Christmas my engagement ring.  For Valentine’s Day my favoritest cheesecake ever and now for Mother’s Day a beautiful sapphire bracelet to match my sapphire engagement ring.  It’s a big deal to me because this is the focal point of our wedding….hence the sapphire and coral colors!!!

As always, I am a very blessed woman and God bless that sweet, sweet lady who stopped by for a visit yesterday.

Have a blessed day!

A Blessed Woman

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Brooch Bouquets

With my wedding 17 weeks away I have started gathering the things I need to make the bouquet I want.  As I was searching the thousands of boards on pinterest I found the Brooch Bouquets and they are gorgeous.  In my infinite search on google, I found thousands of ways to do this.  However, I found a 5 minute video on You Tube that showed me how to wire the brooches so they are extremely secure.

So here is my start:

I bought ivory burlap flowers from Hobby Lobby that looked like this:


Then I tipped the roses and hydrangeas with my wedding colors:  Coral, Charcoal, and Sapphire

They now look like this:


I’m currently in the process of wiring the brooches so I have brooch stems that look like this:


I have completed 12 and it is a process!  All I can suggest is that you have a pair of pliers because your fingers will hurt if you do not…..

So for now I am here:


But since it took me 8 weeks to decide my colors and 6 weeks to say yes to the dress, it could change from this to something completely different.

All I know is I am blessed to be marrying a true Man of God who loves me like no other.  I am also blessed to have an awesome maid of honor and my oldest daughter to help me.  I don’t think they know what they signed up for because they haven’t had to wire these things yet!  LOL

We have all this left plus more that has not arrived yet:

wpid-20150322_184342.jpg wpid-20150322_184500.jpg

Stay tuned for more updates to come!!!

God Bless and Goodnight,

A Blessed Woman

PS……. is a fabulous site for these brooches.  I only paid $56 for all these pictured here with free shipping.  I had to wait 3 weeks for delivery but it’s worth the wait for the quality.  These are heavy brooches!  I have had a wonderful experience with Ali Express.


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Decorating on a Budget with Hobby Lobby Clearance

Today was the first day I had a full weekend to myself.   With my new job, which I started this week, I have a more lax schedule.  So, I cleaned my house.  Then I took my son to sign up for baseball.  After, I dropped him off at home and I took a field trip to hobby lobby to get scrapbook paper for a project.  However, if I ever had a Happy Place, Hobby Lobby would be it.  So, 3 hours later I left the store.

While in store, I hit the clearance section.  I found a whole bunch of frames.  I spent under $20 on 7 frames that would have cost me around $100 even at 50% off.  I was excited.  These frames were not perfect, however, I thought I could paint them and create new frames that match my color schemes.

Below is the results of what I did…………

wpid-20150124_213945.jpgThis frame was made from all this:

wpid-2015-01-24-21.44.05.jpg.jpegThe blue frame was $6.80 and the black one was $2.45 and the embellishment was $3.99.  So, for approximately $14 I created something that would have cost me $30-$40 easily.

I also created this one but it is not complete yet……….

wpid-20150124_190814.jpgI still need to add the embellishments and finish this one but it was made from all this…….

wpid-2015-01-24-21.43.17.jpg.jpegThe brown frame was $2.45 and the blue frame was $1.08.  The embellishments for this one are $4.99.  So for about $9 I will have this one complete.

Tomorrow I plan to update my nightstand……….stay tuned!!!

Goodnight and God Bless,

A Blessed Woman