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Transparent Moment

It’s midnight and I have some old school gangsta rap playing in the background.  I am drinking a Chicory Iced Coffee and I just finished packing up the rest of “his” stuff.  And all my Christian sisters are wondering if I lost my mind.  And I would have to say no.  I think I’m finally getting it back.

This is something we have struggled with in our marriage for a couple of years-to stay or to go.  But the time came where I realized I am worth more than drunken put downs of others and myself, drunken weekends with broken promises, drunken lame attempts at sex (and that was the only attempt), the emotional abuse of me, our son, my daughters and just living in misery.  I was and am tired of that.  I deserve better.

I tried.  I listened to everyone telling me I can’t divorce because it is not “Christian”.  He’s “JUST” an alcoholic and he can fix it.  “Have you ever lived with an alcoholic?” I would think.  That word “Just” would drive a stake through my heart.  It would anger me because I would think “how dare you minimize my hurts”.  Countless times I heard “You promised for better or for worse, Myra.   You need to stay and help him.”

So I stayed.  For two years I stayed.  For two years I attended 90% of school functions for our son alone.  For two years I slept on the couch because the thought of being with him sickened me.  For two years, I grew to despise the man who was and still is THE love of my life.  For two years I dealt with late night fights.  For two years, I lived with a man who according to him and his words and his actions I was not good enough for.  There it is.  For two years, I was made to feel unworthy.  I was made to feel inferior.  For two years, I. Got. Beat. Down.

But there came a day when I broke.  I snapped.  You know like the TV show except I didn’t murder anyone.  I remember the day like it was yesterday.  I was bloated from a missed period.  My blood sugar was not leveling off.  I had gained 5 of the 15 lbs I just lost back.  My hair was falling out.  My inner sugar addict was eating everything in sight.  Nothing could make me happy.  I became a critical, bitter, angry person.  The very thing I despise in others.

My husband could probably do everything right that day and maybe he did but I remembered the conversations from the weeks prior.  I remember the drunken weekend we were in and the all the ones prior.  I remember the broken promises to me and our son.  I remember the ruined family holidays and vacations.    I remember walking on egg shells thinking “has he had that one beer that sets him over the edge”.

Then one day he was putting down the home I had just cleaned and my children who live in it.  I remember thinking “this is effin bullshit”; “I am better than this”; “God did not design marriage like THIS”; “Did He?”  So I sought some great counsel and read my Bible.   After 30 minutes of soul searching; after 30 minutes of agonizing over how to respond, I calmly and politely told him I can’t do THIS anymore.  I did not cry.  I did not ask him to change AGAIN.  I did not do anything but tell him he needed to find a place to live away from me.

It wasn’t a pleasant conversation.  It was a very hard one especially when trying to talk to someone who is intoxicated.   I had the same conversation with him many years ago when I left him for the same reason.  My heart was broken, shredded by one simple thing: the alcohol.

What made me snap?  I couldn’t tell you.  All he asked me that day was “What do you want to do for dinner tonight?  Do you want me to take you somewhere?” and it was right after I had finished cleaning the entire home. By myself. He just pointed out everything I did not get done:  the windows were dirty, there was clothes on the bathroom floor, and laundry was piled up. Our house was too small.  We didn’t drive the right cars.  It was a blatant attitude of ungratefulness.  I love my home and my Suburban but I have never liked ungrateful people and my husband was one.

I had cleaned out the fridge (like scrubbed it down), mopped the floors, vacuumed, scrubbed the kitchen down, cleaned our bathroom and our room (which I was on a 30 day strike of cleaning to prove a point that didn’t get through),  everything was put away except my son’s clothes on the bathroom floor because he literally just stepped out of the shower and I was working on laundry.  What had he done?  He was “studying” for his Bible class while drinking 2 beers in our home office.  So, when he asked the only thing he spoke to me that day I snapped like a twig.

When I read my bible that day I automatically opened it up to Psalm 139:14:  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.  I know that full well 

What I read that day is that I am worthy of something better than the circumstances I was living.  God made me to live a life full of love and joy.  I also found many promises from God and none of them said “You deserve this, Myra”.  Yes, we have a 16 year old beautiful son together.  He is my world as are my two beautiful daughters and my gorgeous grandbaby.  But at the end of the day, I have to listen to the sound advice of a dear sweet, wise woman from our hometown.  It is better to come from a broken home than to live in it.   As a child of divorce and a broken home, I can honestly say that is a very true statement.  I know my wounds and my scars; some still haven’t healed.  I don’t want that for my children.  I am better than that. They deserve better than that.

My husband alone did not tear this marriage apart.  I made my mistakes.  At the end of the day, we both quit trying.  Quit trying to make each other a priority.  Quit trying to lift each other up.  Quit trying to remember why we love each other.  Quit trying to support each other’s goals, dreams and ambitions.  Quit trying to be nice and kind to one another.  We just quit on each other.  Everything was a sarcastic remark or a little quip.  There were many words mumbled under our breath.  And that’s when the separation truly began.  He went his way and I went mine.  We had an occasional Friday night dinner date but those stopped.  We hugged and kissed but they were cold and unfeeling moments.

There were many ways to fix it.  But between my anger at his actions and his need for alcohol it just simply could not be fixed.  So, here I am.  Doing me.

Now, I can get healthy again. Walking daily, eating right with the support of those who love me.

Now I don’t have to play the role of a good Christian wife while being treated like a doormat and living a life of hypocrisy

Now I can listen to gangsta rap, country or whatever without judgement.

Now I can binge on Netflix and Hulu without hearing how horrible I am.

Now I can sleep in my bed again without the smell of liquor and beer.

Now I have peace in my home once again.

Do I miss my husband?  I have to be honest and say no.  The man I fell in love with is gone.  His mistress, the bottle, now has him and I no longer have the will to fight her.  I am a child of God; princess of the King of kings and LORD of lords.  I deserve better!

If you are living in this same cycle of emotional abuse-you deserve better.  Girl, straighten your crown and live your life worthy of what God called you to do and to be; he does not want you suffering like you are.  It took me two years too many to figure that out.

So, here is the start to the next chapter in story He has written for me.

God bless and goodnight!

Myra 🙂



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Greenberry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowls

Yesterday on Instagram I found an amazing Instagram page full of smoothie bowl inspiration.  As a lover of all things smoothie, I was inspired.  I found tons of recipes and was ready to go to the store to stock up on new supplies.  However, I realized I have a lot of stuff I haven’t used from my last strike of inspiration.  So here’s what I came up with this morning:

Berry Smoothie: 

1 Cup Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla Yogurt

1/2 Cup rolled oats

1/2 Cup Great Value Frozen Berry Mix

1 Scoop MCT Powder

1 packet Greenberry Shakeology Protein Powder

Put in the blender and blend.


Cacao Nibs

Coconut flakes

Frozen Fresh Raspberries

1/2 Banana

Chia Seeds

place on top in your desired pattern; get creative and have fun with this part!

If this is not inspiring for you, follow @saharasfooduniverse on Instagram.  She’s not just inspiring, she created a beautiful page and is very responsive!


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Worthy of the Calling Days 16-30


WOTC Bible Image 1
This gorgeous work of art was a gift from Sarah Koontz  created by In His Name Co; I won it in one of Sarah’s giveaways for her launch team.  You can  find them both on Instagram at         @sarahekoontz and @inhisnameco

But speaking the truth in love, let us grow in every way into Him who is the head-Christ ~ Ephesians 4:15

I am about to be the most transparent I have ever been in my life.  You see, my husband is a counselor and I struggle with exposing too much.  As his wife, I do not want to shame him or myself however as a Christian I know our stories help one another.  It was in talking to a friend the other night before a baseball event I realized how sharing our stories help us grow closer to each other.  As I read back through my notes from this study 1 Corinithians 12:4-11 comes to mind where Sarah explains “we belong to one another; we affect one another; we read one another”.  This was one of those moments.  My friend  had no idea what I went through and I had no idea what she went through but it was an amazing thing because we both knew the struggle and we grew closer through that conversation.  It was a beautiful moment.  So here goes my story of how I discovered I was Worthy of the Calling.

At the time I was doing this, October 2017,  there was so much going on in my life.

First, I was struggling with work and the rumors about me not doing my job; questioning my usefulness to our organization and many other things.  I felt defeated.  I felt like giving up.  However, I had an amazing boss at the time who always asked one question:  “Did you hear it from me? No!  So do your job and quit worrying about everyone else” But isn’t that what we as women all struggle with?  Acceptance! I wanted everyone to know what I did.  I was mad.  I was angry.  I was bitter.  I was THAT person!

Second, I work in the Medicare industry and from September 1-December 15 life is extra busy.  I am rarely home and rarely see my husband and kids.  My days start at 6 AM checking email and end at 11 PM or 12 AM checking email.  I work sales and I have to have numbers at the end of every day without fail.  To say this time period is stressful is an understatement.  However, this year was different.  I was home more due to our Plano office closing which was very tragic for me.  That office was my labor of love for 4 years.  There was so much sweat equity in that office it was unbelievable.  Hence the reason my family wasn’t use to me being home.  In all the years I’ve been doing this, 2017 was the year we had to adjust to a new schedule of me not traveling.  It was much harder than anyone realized.  I loved being home and my family loved having me but we had learned how to function apart and not together.  I wanted things done my way; they were doing things their way.  It was tough for this Type-A control freak of a woman.

Third, my marriage is always rocky during this time of the year.  Lee goes his way and I go mine and we meetup when we have time.  My stress level is super high and I’m so not fun to be around.  If we said 5 words to one another in a day, it was too many.   He was use to a quick morning phone call (if I had time) or a quick “I love you” text message.  He never had to put with the cold shoulder or the hand to the face brushing him off because I was busy.  Yep, I did that!!!  And if you really knew the old school Type A husband I have you would truly understand how bad that was for his ego.  To put this bluntly, I sucked it up at being his wife.  When I was home I slept on the couch because I was working and didn’t want to disturb him.  Lee requires hours of sleep; I can run on minutes with the right amount of coffee!  So you can imagine our intimacy level was at zero.  That makes for a very cranky husband mixed with a cranky wife and all we could do is blame the other instead of looking at ourselves.  Divorce was looming it was that bad.

Fourth, my son was raising himself.  He would send texts like “I know you are busy mom but just wanted you to know”; “Hey mom, is it okay if I call?”; “Mom, are you busy?”  When I would receive those messages I would almost tear up because I never wanted to be that mom.  I wanted to always be available to my children.  And others were getting him to and from everything.  I missed a lot every fall.  Heck his 8th grade year was his last year of football and I made one game.  I only spoke to my oldest because she was one of my agents.  My middle child disappeared and I think I said three words to her during that whole time.  Not only was I a bad wife; I was a horrible mother.

Finally, I am married to an alcoholic.  He has been sober for many years but I worry of him backsliding.  This adds a whole other level of craziness to my life.  I was constantly worried I pushed him over the edge.  I led him to have a beer.  I made him feel he needed alcohol to feel loved.  It was my fault he had taken a few drinks. BUT never did I address this with him.  I just let these thoughts hold me captive.

I was not enough for my job, my husband and children. I was relying on myself and had no where to turn.  Have you ever been so engrossed in something and suddenly you looked up and you realize it’s storming?  That was my life.

Then I found Sarah’s bible study Worthy of the Calling  and slowly God and Sarah helped me peel back the layers.  Now, it was October and I’m usually slammed during this time but I made a commitment saying it’s only 10-15 minutes.  This made it so easy for me to catch up on the weekend or the very rare downtime I had available.  Being on the launch team I was blessed with the ability to preview everything and decide if it was really something I could commit to-it was!

Reading Sarah’s words there was an automatic draw to reading more.  In a time of my life where I felt like giving up, I had something to look forward to-her daily emails.   You’ve read my experiences in Days 1-15 but in Days 16-30 was where my true reformation of the heart took place.   I started going deeper and spending 45 minutes to an hour researching for more answers.

It is in these days that I learned about submitting to my husband.  OUCH!  I learned that my job is not that important because if I died today, someone would replace me tomorrow.  I found out that my children and my husband are always there waiting for me with open arms unconditionally.  I found out my past mistakes do not matter because in Christ I am made new again.  I discovered that to avoid the crankiness my husband and I had to talk to one another.  I had to walk with wise counsel and not fools.  I had to up my prayer life and commit to it.  But most important, I discovered that even when I think no one else could possibly love me I have the love of a Father in Heaven.

In order to learn these things, I had to humble myself.  I had to be open to the lessons before me and hear what God and Sarah were telling me.  I had to pray like I had never prayed before in my  life.  I was on my knees crying.  I fell apart.  I was broken.  I had to look inward and admit my sins and wrongdoings.  With God and Sarah daily I put the pieces of my life back together.


Room Pic 3
the wall above my bed is where I put my Bible as a daily reminder that I Am Worthy


Now I work from 9-5 from home if possible but report to my office 1-2 times a week.  My husband and family are my priority.  I work my work schedule around my family instead of the other way around.   My husband and I make sure that at least once a week we have our time together away from technology and everything so we can stay connected.  We also take a mini trip every quarter and one big one for our anniversary in July.

Now when we feel we are slipping back into old patterns, we communicate to one another.  Amazing how that changes things.  My children are use to having  mom around and know I’m here for them.  They never have to ask me if I am available to them; I am always available for my children. I make time for them.  I will now step out of meetings to take calls form my husband and children.

I no longer worry about my husband’s alcoholism.  I discovered that was a lie from Satan holding me captive. Does he have moment of weakness?  Absolutely!  Does he never act on them? No!  He’s human and makes mistakes just not drunken stupors.   I am blessed with true friends and one of them said, “You knew you were marrying an alcoholic.  He’s not a perfect man but you aren’t a perfect woman either.  You agreed to marry him for better or worse; unfortunately you are in the valley of the worst”.  (y the way, my husband had one beer when we had that conversation!) OUCH!  Her words stung a little.  But I do that quite a bit.  I expect those I love to be held to higher standards.  That is something I have learned to let go of a little bit.    Now every morning I put on my full armor of God and kick the devil out of my home and my life.  Every morning I remind him he lost the battle and victory will not be his.

In this whole study with Sarah, I found a friend in God and her.  If you are on her launch team, you will understand this statement.  My biggest take away is that I am loved no matter what; I am a child of God no matter what; I am enough even when I feel I’m not.  I AM WORTHY of His calling even if others tell me I’m not.  Now to figure out what that calling is……..this is where I hope Sarah’s Wisdom Whispers study will help.

My life was blessed to find Sarah Koontz and her beautiful bible studies.  May your life be just as blessed.

God Bless!

Myra 🙂

PS……..There are just 3 more days to pre-register for the Wisdom Whispers Bible Study!! This  31-day study of King Solomon will help you hear Wisdom’s call to salvation, obedience,  and humility. Did I mention it’s completely free? Visit “Living by Design Ministries with Sarah Koontz to learn more and sign up today.












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Psalm 34.18

My first text was sent at 11 AM with no response; not even his usual “I’m in a meeting” response.  I did not think anything of it.  Then after a few more text messages and a few more no responses I knew in my heart of hearts something was wrong.

Working with someone daily for four years you learn things about them.  Being their assistant you become their right hand.  Any good assistant worth their weight in gold can tell you how his/her boss will respond to situations and knows his/her schedule like no one else in their organization.  Finally at 1:47 PM when I had no response my heart sank.  I knew something was wrong.  Then I picked up my phone to call his girlfriend and she was calling me.  When I called our home office and all our Sales Directors and no one heard from him, we both knew.

To say this man was my boss does not do him justice.  He was one of three very special mentors I have had in my industry.  He was my day-to-day.  I began and ended my work day with him; sometimes even on the weekends.  He was the only man allowed to interrupt a dinner with my husband or a family event with my husband’s permission (yes, I am that wife).  He was like my older brother and knew most of my immediate family members.

So, when I got the call on November 27, 2017 that this man had passed I was crushed.  It was almost like a part of me went with him.  Four years!  Four years of daily training, conversations, and lessons learned.  Four years of travel across Texas and late night conversations during our drives.  Four years of broken bread over breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Four years of corny jokes and the funny, goofy, ridiculousness that was Rey.

I had never lost anyone of that importance in my life other than my grandparents.    But this one was different-I didn’t “have to” care for him and love him; I chose to because of who he was to me.  So to say that I was grieving was an understatement.  The adrenaline of keeping our business together and managing the social aspect of his funeral between vendors, agents, and family members kept me going the first two weeks following his passing.  But then the adrenaline wore off and I was lost.

Week 3, Day 1:  I took a trip to DFW and cried the whole way there and the whole way back.  This was our usual planning and catching up time.  Now who will fill that void?  Then Day 2-3 I stayed home and cried and sulked and binge watched Netflix.  Then Day 4 a depression set in but I pretended everything was okay.  Then Day 5 I picked up my journal.  I was reminded of Sarah Koontz’s Worthy of the Calling  study as I flipped through my journal.  All my notes and re-reading the emails was such a comfort.  But battling the depression was hard.

At the end of week 3 following his passing, I was in a full on depression and everyone had left me alone but it was time for our office Christmas party.  I went and pretended everything was awesome.  Fortunately, my family did not allow me to suffer alone.  They understood but they stepped in and helped me through with laughter and love.  The Christmas party was the first time I was completely dressed in weeks.  But it helped to get out and road trips with my husband are always a good time.

Where I was at that point in time:

  •  I lived on my living room couch
  • In all honesty, my hygiene was probably at 80% functional; I had bad days
  • I checked email and did my job with minimal effort; just enough to get by
  • I cried at any mention of his name
  • I got angry with any one who wanted to know the burning question of “Who is replacing Rey?”
  • I avoided phone calls from the insincere people and checked in on the people I knew truly cared for him
  • I found my Hope Prevails book and bible study
  • I barely talked to my husband and family and friends
  • I disengaged from social media
  • I binged on Hulu and Netflix almost 24 hours a day (full transparency these were not Christian shows)
  • My only comfort was working on Rey’s projects and finishing his ideas to get them to home office and watching Hulu and Netflix

So, how did I get over all this?  How did I deal with losing someone so close to me?

Easy answer: BUT GOD!

After being on meds a couple of days, I picked up my Bible and found comfort immediately.  I asked for prayers from family and friends.  I went to the doctor and got medical help.   I read through my Worthy of the Calling study again.  I read through my Hope Prevails book and study again.  I followed Dr. Michelle’s RX for depression at the end of each section of her book and study.  I also listened to her playlists she gives after each section (love this feature of her book) But most of all, I remembered who I am because of Whose I am.

But most of all, I remembered who I am because of Whose I am.

God and Rey as well, would not want me not living life.  For a few short weeks I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me.  I stopped living and became a Hulu/Netflix zombie.  However, I know now in my business world life will go on following some of his vision and instilling the vision of my new boss.  I have accepted that.

In my personal world I know that what this man taught me will never be forgotten.    Every day, as I reflect through notes, journals and projects I still get Rey’s wisdom from the things I wrote down from meetings and phone calls.  Every day I pass on some of his nuggets of wisdom down to our existing and new agents. Every day I wake up and live life to the fullest for God and in my business world I try to live up to Rey’s expectations of me and for me.

Some days are easy and some days are hard, but what I have figured out is that I now have an angel in heaven looking over me and God is the only one who can fill the void of Rey being gone.  I also figured out that Netflix and Hulu have some pretty good shows.

Finally, how I grieved is different from how you will grieve during the loss of someone significant in your life.  But what I do know is God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He will always fill any void in your life.

God Bless,

Myra Medina-Hutcheson

A Blessed Woman in TX




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Worthy of the Calling Bible Study (Days 1-14)

She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her. ~Psalm 3:15

I am about to be as transparent as I can be.  The last year has been rough.  Marriage is hard.  Blending lives is difficult.  Couple that with two demanding jobs, a husband working on his doctorate, a 15 year old boy, growing into a young man, learning to drive and pursuing his dream of baseball.  Non-stop weekends that start on Saturday morning at 5 AM and end Sunday night at 11:59 PM.  You combine it all and Satan has been given an opportunity to dwell around the Hutcheson household.  He has lingered and brought a cloud of negativity like no other.  My children were bickering, my husband and I were in constant disagreement, and illness has plagued our home-me, kids, husband.  To say Satan had a foothold on my life and in our home is an understatement.

At the beginning of October, I was admitted to the hospital.  Prior to being admitted, my  husband and I were on the brink of divorce.  My son was not talking to his father.  My girls were not talking to each other.  Misery and heartache were overshadowing my positive outlook with a darkness and taking over my life.  I was not fun to be around.  I loathed getting up.  I did not care what I looked like or if anyone saw me like that.   My breaking point was reached.

My first night in the hospital was fine.  I was only being monitored.  Then the next day I was told my gall bladder needed to be looked at because I was symptomatic of that.  A day later I found out I was chronic.  My gall bladder was full of stones and suddenly I understood half of the reason I felt the way I did.  Surgery was scheduled and it was the most horrible pain of my life.  I would say worse than childbirth.

20171021_18291859285302.jpgI had too much time in the hospital and at home resting for a total of seven days.  I had to do something so I read books, wrote, jounaled, etc.  In that time I picked up my tablet and started doing a deep dive into a bible study called Worthy of the Calling by Sarah Koontz I had the pleasure of previewing, helping with edits, and launching it.  I never knew this book of the Bible was the RX I needed.  Ephesians!  I have studied it often.  Never like this!

Sarah Koontz has a way with words and explanations that I do not need a Masters of Theology to understand what she is telling me.  I have done Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer studies spending hours daily studying.  Half the time I missed a lot of the meat of the issue because I just wanted to get through it.  But Sarah only needed 15 minutes of my attention and WOW!  I never knew 15 minutes could make a big difference in my life.  Sarah spoke to me in short emails that spoke to my hardened heart.

When I was given the opportunity to launch her bible study, I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life.  I have read many Christian books and studies but this one study on Ephesians changed me.  For the better.

Sarah’s easy to understand text intertwined with daily activities and the most beautiful freebies I have ever seen created for a study, make this a winner for any woman at any stage of her life.

Day 01 Quote Graphic Ephesians Study

In the last 14 days I have learned that in Christ I am:

  • Chosen in Love to be holy and blameless
    • I am not at fault because Jesus has paid the price for me and my sins
  • Chosen by God to be His daughter; a recipient of His inheritance
    • I am His princess entitled to the riches of His kingdom
  • Forgiven
  • Redeemed
  • A treasured possession
  • Free
  • Defined by God (and ONLY God)
  • Humble

Day 12 Quote Graphic Ephesians StudyThis is a short list of what I have learned in the first 14 days.  By day one I learned that with the first two verses of Ephesians 1:1-2 I AM WORTHY!  I am a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.  I remembered who I am and whose I am.  By day three, my marriage was saved.  My husband and I talked through our issues like never before because my heart was softened.  By day seven, my girls were loving one another and being kind to one another again.   By day fourteen, a father and son finally hugged for the first time in months.  Satan is no longer lingering in our home.     Why?  Because through this study, I found my Christian heart again.  I was reminded of an unconditional love of a father and his daughter.

I never realized how much changes when we truly put God first.  This study has helped me establish good study habits because I could not wait to see what God, through Sarah, would share with me.  I enjoy my Sabbath now with rest and reflection because Sarah stresses this within the study as well.  Whether it was reading my prayer cards or coloring my downloads, I have finally truly learned to rest.

In this study, I have cried tears of sadness, prayed in a different more spirtitual way and let my past go.  I can look myself in the mirror for the first time in a long time and see the woman God created me to be-fearfully and wonderfully made.  I have nothing to be ashamed of because all my trials were the ones He prepared for me.  He knows my story.  He wrote it.  Only He knows the ending.  No matter what path I choose going forward, I know I am Worthy of His Calling on my life.

In September of this year, I would wake up.  Get dressed.  I might brush my hair or I might not.  I would go to work.  Come home. Live in depression and strife.   I, a blessed woman of God, never understood that I am worthy only because He made me.

Today, I woke up blessed and full of His love for me.  I got dressed.  I did my hair.  I put on my makeup and looked in the mirror for the first time in months and said “I am Worthy”.

Thank you, Sarah Koontz!  Because of this study, my family has been saved.  I have come out of the darkness which has brought others in my home out of the darkness.  God is first again.

I cannot wait  to see what else God has in store for me in the next 17 days of walking with Sarah through the rest of Ephesians.

If you feel the call to join Sarah, please click the image below.

A Free 31-Day Study of Ephesians Pinnable 1

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A Lesson From My Children


It is in watching my children grow together that I am reminded of this verse and it’s meaning. Having a special needs sibling can be tiring and exhausting but it is also what brings you to a relationship with Christ like no other. My youngest and oldest struggle with this everyday as they watch their sister struggle from Spina Bifida and all the other minor diagnosis’ she received.

Just when I think I need to get on my knees because of animosity amongst them, I turn around and can capture moments like the one in the image of my son pushing his big sister in difficult terrain for a wheelchair.  It is then I am reminded that I have done my job as a mom.  They do love her and care for her just as I do as her mom.

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.  ~ Hebrews 6:10

They are siblings and they will fight.  But being the sibling to a special needs sister is different and requires a lot of hard work and understanding.  It can be exhausting coming second to her needs.  You can grow resentment because you just don’t understand why mom has to keep spending time with her at doctor appointments and performing procedures that MUST be done for her health. 

However, just when I think my children are falling apart I notice things.  Things like hearing them reassure one another when one of them is down.  Watching their faces brighten up when they spend sibling time together.  There is no better sound than their laughter.  It brings so much joy to my life and makes my heart full.   But most of all I see them make sure their sister is included or find a way to include her.  When she’s having a hard time, they lend her a hand. 

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  ~ Galatians 6:2             

This is where I take my lesson.  I need to do that more as a wife, as a friend, and as a mom. How many times do you get frustrated with your spouse?  The friend who asks for advice but never takes it?  The kids calling out “mom” for the 100th time in a day?  I need to make sure I am including those who are often forgotten or different. When I am tired, exhausted and feel like someone should be able to do something for themselves,  I need to reach out and help anyway. 

I have to love people for who they are and meet them where they are. I am blessed beyond measure and just as God has loved me I must love ALL his people.

Children give you teachable moments too. This is one of mine. 


Fervent Friday- Prayers for my Husband

This book is so easily written and not bogged down in fluff that praying for my husband has never been easier.  I am expanded beyond the normal everyday prayers into praying for his Christian maturity, his health, his career, his relationships in new ways.  

If your prayer life needs a lift, this book can help!!! It has helped me go from being the average wife praying for her to husband to a fervent wife praying for her husband! 


The Golden Journal- The Only Place to Keep God’s Word and Wisdom

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” ~Psalms 27:14

A few months ago I took one of my infamous trips to Hobby Lobby.  I came across this beautiful, gold journal normally $30.  However, they had it marked for $10.  I also bought the gorgeous journal insert with my 40% off coupon costing me $17 total for the entire journal.  

So as you can see, I could not pass up this deal.  If you’ve ever visited Hobby Lobby you know the struggle when you find that ONE deal. It was like the heavens aligned and God put this together for me and only me as there was only one left!!!  I actually pray before going shopping for God to make known my needs.  This one was easy to see although I did not know why at the time.

I have what my husband and children call a jounal/crafting/Hobby Lobby addiction.  I call it my stress reliever.  However if you come to my home, you will find a journal in every corner of my home as well as a stash in a Rubbermaid container under my table/desk.  If you come to my office, you will literally find 3 pad folios 20 spiral business notebooks 2  five subject notebooks and 3 journals.  I love paper products and pens.  Maybe my family has a right to feel the way they do!

Now why this one journal popped out at me that day, I didn’t know until here in the last few months.  I have been asked to help launch a few Christian books in the last year.  I have a habit of writing notes, tagging pages, and highlighting as I read.  But I don’t like to go back for references I like my journals for that.  

As I was reading my friend Barbara Koob’s book Dream Discoveries It really came upon me that I needed a place to keep my notes.  Here’s where God’s timing came in to play for me.  As I was praying about this, it came over me to clean my home office and this beautiful, gold journal showed up as if God was hitting me over the head with it.  

Now I use it for my dream disvovery journaling (more to be written on this topic/book soon).  I also use it for the exercises in Hope  Prevails as well as Fervent and Power of a Praying Woman prayers and scriptures from those books.  What better place to keep God’s word than this gold leather journal? It is a good fit for this princess that’s for sure!

Anyone of you who know me, know this journal will be blinged out and used.  It is a Project Life journal so I have so much flexibility with it.  As you can see below, I have inserted some pocket pages and been truly inspired by Barbara’s and Dr Michelle’s books.  Individual reviews  are coming soon.  

God blessed me with great women like Barbara and Michelle in my life.  Helping them grow their message has been a true blessing to me and expanding my faith in different ways.  
My husband and children can roll their eyes when I walk through the door from one of my hobby lobby trips but they have no clue how much stress relief this one find has given me.  Bi-regional living is hard! This journal has kept me sane…..  

This is my fun way of expanding my knowledge as I read, pray, and journal.  How do you do it?  
God bless and goodnight 


A blessed woman in TX