A Baseball Family-One of God’s Blessings for My Son

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.” Ezra 10wpid-20150626_201326.jpg:4

Yesterday, my son and his team secured 1st place in their baseball league.  However, it was also the last time my son and some of his teammates will ever step foot on the Troy Little League field.  It was a little emotional for me!  Since this child was 4 years old, baseball has been a part of our life.  He could throw by the time he was 18 months, he could swing a bat by age 2 and every year he would ask if he could play.  It was always in his blood.  If he wasn’t playing little league, he was watching the big big leagues-Texas Rangers to be exact.

By the time  he was 4 he could wake up, log onto my computer and type e-s-p-n-.-c-o-m.  I use to laugh thinking the kid was trying to pretend to read and then one morning he was so excited about Ian Kinslers stats he read them off to me.  I about spit my coffee out realizing the kid could read and he was only 4.  YIKES!  This was a precursor to having to stay not 2 but more like 5 steps ahead of him!

Ever since he was 4 I have prayed the same prayer for him every time he stepped on the field.

God, You created this boy and you tell me he is fearfully and wonderfully made. Let him know that as he steps on the baseball field.  Be with him tonight and help him use the kills and abilities you gave him and have developed in him.  Let Your light shine through him as he plays.  Remind him he CAN do anything through YOU LORD who strengthems him.  Keep him safe and away from harm.  Place a hedge of protection around him that only you can place and protect him from evil. In Jesus’ name-Amen!

9 years of prayer for this child and the other night I finally shared it with him through a text message.  So now, he can say this prayer for himself.  But I expanded on it for him a little.  Here is what I sent him and his best friend, Chase who has been like a second son to me.  They have been best friends since 3rd grade and Chase is his brother from another mother.  You tell him his second momma called and he will say “What did Christi want”.  They are our family so praying for Chase and Christi is a daily thing for me.


Start children off on the way they should go,
    and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6

It is scary to me that next year, he plays at the high school level.  This little boy who came home with me at only 22 inches and almost 9 lbs.  He is starting to tower me a little and stretch up.  But I have to learn that I have to let him grow.  I have to give him wings and let him fly. I have to be there for the good as well as the bad.  This child will soar and I have to let him.  If he falls, I will pick him up, dust him off and release him all over again.  He has done some amazing things so far in his first 13 years of life-1 Homerun, a lot of RBI’s, a lot of sacrifice bunts, very few errors on first, very few errors on catching, A/B honor roll kid, and tons of academic awards.  He is a well mannered, highly intelligent, calm child who’s only passion is baseball.

I now have to trust in God and my faith that I as his mom have helped him grow and he will make the right choices.  That is tough!  Mac is the baby.  After him, that’s it.  But I am reminded everyday through daily phone calls (sometimes hourly), text messages and facebook posts that my children, no matter how old they get will always be my babies.  I have to have faith, he will always be close to his family-especially his momma.

It will be a tough week of some grueling practices in the hot TX heat.  But come hell or high water, I will be there and at his games-Mac’s #1 fan, cheering him on no matter what.  Win or lose, he has succeeded as long as he has given 100% and this child has had heart for this game since he was 2. He is a kid who does not like failure and like his mother-extremely hard on himself.  But I want him to know, I am extremely proud of the Young Man of God he is growing up to be in this world.  Despite not having his dad in his life for 13 years, he taught himself the game of baseball.  He was also blessed with 2 very awesome coaches who gave him their time for the last 5 years.  Not many families will do that for kids like Mac with no father figure, but we found 2 families-The Delao’s and the Tanner’s.  Both full of very special people that I will forever be grateful to in this life.

Our #1 rule in this house is all glory goes to God.  So I know it is the grace of God that placed these two families in our lives.  Our #2 is always count your blessings. These two families are nothing but blessings to us.

The Troy Rangers are district bound!  I am proud of all of them this season.  We have a lot of talent.  I am praying for God’s grace and favor for them.  In the meantime, while we wait, here some pics of these fabulous group of young men.

wpid-20150626_201801.jpg wpid-img_20150626_215917.jpg wpid-20150626_200846.jpg wpid-20150626_201742.jpg

I am blessed to be a mom of a Ranger! Keep these boys in your prayers in the coming weeks as they battle for the state tournament. 

God bless and goodnight,


A Blessed Baseball Mom in TX

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