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Brooch Bouquets

With my wedding 17 weeks away I have started gathering the things I need to make the bouquet I want.  As I was searching the thousands of boards on pinterest I found the Brooch Bouquets and they are gorgeous.  In my infinite search on google, I found thousands of ways to do this.  However, I found a 5 minute video on You Tube that showed me how to wire the brooches so they are extremely secure.

So here is my start:

I bought ivory burlap flowers from Hobby Lobby that looked like this:


Then I tipped the roses and hydrangeas with my wedding colors:  Coral, Charcoal, and Sapphire

They now look like this:


I’m currently in the process of wiring the brooches so I have brooch stems that look like this:


I have completed 12 and it is a process!  All I can suggest is that you have a pair of pliers because your fingers will hurt if you do not…..

So for now I am here:


But since it took me 8 weeks to decide my colors and 6 weeks to say yes to the dress, it could change from this to something completely different.

All I know is I am blessed to be marrying a true Man of God who loves me like no other.  I am also blessed to have an awesome maid of honor and my oldest daughter to help me.  I don’t think they know what they signed up for because they haven’t had to wire these things yet!  LOL

We have all this left plus more that has not arrived yet:

wpid-20150322_184342.jpg wpid-20150322_184500.jpg

Stay tuned for more updates to come!!!

God Bless and Goodnight,

A Blessed Woman

PS……. is a fabulous site for these brooches.  I only paid $56 for all these pictured here with free shipping.  I had to wait 3 weeks for delivery but it’s worth the wait for the quality.  These are heavy brooches!  I have had a wonderful experience with Ali Express.


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