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Green Chef – A Blessing to My Family

I received this as a gift from my former boss and I have to say I’m very impressed.

The portions are very generous but not glutinous.  There was no food left over and a serving for 2 actually served me, my son and my daughter.  The recipes are so easy to follow even my 13 year old could cook dinner tonight.

I have 3 meals that feed 4 people.  This means I have 6 meals for the week!!!  I’m super excited.  Tonight we had Steak Pizzaiola with Roast Potatoes and Spinach.  It was super yummy, small portions, and very filling.  No one was left unsatisfied.

I looked into it and as a mom who travels frequently this is a great option.   Being away from home  for dinner makes this a good option for my children to ensure they have a nutritious dinner.  Green Chef eliminates the need for ordering costly take out dinners or running through fast food drive thru’s at a late hour.

This also eliminates the need to stock up on pantry items I’ll never ever use but once in a while.  It also alleviates the need for a long Saturday morning grocery run!  I just need to be sure I have olive oil, salt and pepper stocked in my pantry.  My son loved it!  As a kid with a passion for cooking, this is a great lesson in cooking for him.  Tomorrow he and my daughter will cook the Quesadillas we received together. Tonight he learned about a new love for all things mushrooms and how to create a new steak sauce.

Fresh, organic, yummy, nutritious meals delivered to my door every other Friday! I can skip or add deliveries as desired.  I just have to be sure I eat the meals I receive within the week they are received because they are fresh foods with no preservatives.

I have been down with walking pneumonia and a cough that will not clear.  This has been a lifesaver for us in my down time.

Green Chef is running a special right now for your first six meals free.  To find out more click here! 

This was a blessing for our family.  Hopefully it can be helpful for yours as well.

Goodnight and God Bless,

A Blessed Woman


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