Life Planning

2015 almost got away from me without what my kids call my 4-1-1 book, but last week this box arrived at my doorstep:


I was never more excited!  Inside was my life planner, the elastic bands to keep it bound during my travels up and down the 1-35 corridor from Dallas to Austin, and the newest “gadget” for 2015-coil clips! Lee has his “man” stuff and I have Erin Condren and Hobby Lobby.

I could probably order everything on Erin’s website.  However, I am grateful to have the resources to be able to purchase this wonderful tool that keeps my life organized with the ability to tap into my creative side.  I am positive Lee and the kids are  grateful as well.

I have ordered from ErinCondren.com since 2010.  Best decision I ever made.  In 20wpid-20150104_215301.jpg14, this Life Planner transformed into my Everything Scrapbook and  Journal.  I began writing daily bible quotes from devotionals and other sources.  Then one day I found myself writing down quick easy prayers for every day situations in it.   It also housed my office notes, my thoughts, my ideas, my weekly grocery lists, chore charts for my kids wpid-20150104_215247.jpgand everything our family did or wanted to do.  It became something totally new and different to me.  It was amazing!

With my travel schedule, I could not join traditional Bible Studies so I joined the online world.  However, I hated carrying 2 journals everywhere I traveled so I began using the section in the back of my planner with blank and lined pages–GENIUS!    wpid-20150104_215331.jpg

I also have pockets to store receipts, church bulletins, notes and a pouch to keep essentials ready for me to use-coil clips, stickers, post its, tags, and washi tape from my RAK group.  Erin Condren really makes this planner great for any woman to be creative and live as God intended her to live.

The Erin Condren Life Planner gave me the space to still do what I love as far as my cwpid-20150103_192340-1.jpgareer and still honor God as I continue to grow as a Christian woman.  As I do my Reading Through the Word study, I write the main study verse down as well as the main idea in my planner.  As I do Bible Studies or hear verses in everyday conversations with Lee or others,  I write them down  on index cards and clip into my planner with my coil clips.

I am nwpid-20150103_192352.jpgow super excited to take my time planning my life.  Why?  Because I get to use Washi tape and stickers to create a beautiful work of art for God and myself.  My days, my weeks, and my months are planned with delight. I use 1×1 powpid-20150103_202809.jpgst its, washi tape galore, embellishment stickers and actual photos glued down in my planner.  It becomes my scrapbook/journal of my year.

How do I plan?  Living with the principle that God is first, I place my church commitments on my calendar first.  Since Lee and the kids are second, I fill in our family obligations next.    Third, I go to my work calendar and fill that in as well and see where I have overlaps.  I try to fix the overlaps if possible and if not find the work around.  In January, I place all my permanent obligations on my calendar first.  I do this in this order-yearly, monthly, weekly and daily.   Again, fix the overlaps or find a work around.  After the first week of January I can get on a normal schedule.

Every night I review and update as needed. Every Saturday night I plan for the next week.   I use a different color for each family member and family obligation.  I also use stickers for simple reminders like baseball games and football games–actual baseball and football stickers and I write the time on the sticker. These are things that work for me.  There is really no science to this, you do what is best for you and your family.  My brain functions differently but my family is use to it 🙂

As my life planner gets built up over the year, I like to sit in meetings and review what is in it.  You know those non productive meetings where you are like “Why am I a part of this?”  I can sit in those meetings and review some of the key verses I write down on the pages. This calms my mind and reduces my stress level. I also update lists, create new lists, or write a quick reminder in my planner.

My Bible is my first book of choice and my Life Planner is my second.  I don’t leave home without it.  With my life planner by my side, I have a place to write down special moments, moments of gratitude, memories, things the kids say, things the husband/significant says, reminders of things they want or need to do, and all the things that occur in my blessed life.

Gooodnight and God Bless,

A Blessed Woman

I do need to take a minute and give Lee praise for yesterday, because he gave up the first hour of NFL playoff season to take me to Hobby Lobby as I prepared for this post.   He also took a quick trip into Hemispheres with me which ate up more time.  He did begin to rush me and did tell me no to Tuesday Morning but when he said “Honey, I was the only man in the store and I’m missing the NFL playoffs” I had to listen.  You pick and choose your battles, ladies!

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